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As the preferred hauling operation for many international companies and large corporations, we frequently transport freight between Canada and the United States.

Lodgewood Enterprises Ltd.

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Family Owned, Customer Trusted

Close to home or across the continent, Lodgewood Enterprises Ltd specializes in transporting freight throughout Canada and the United States. A full-service short and long haul trucking company based in Prince George, British Columbia, our truckers move your goods from between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, south to the Mexican border, and north to Alaska, Yukon and Northwest Territories.

Heavy Haul Cargo

We Can Handle Any Freight

Lodgewood Enterprises Ltd has the well-maintained equipment, trailers and specialized units to get the job done. Whether you’re shipping out one pallet or an 80-foot bridge that weighs several tonnes, we can haul it.

Heavy Hauling Large Equipment

Variety of Industries

Grader, excavator, CAT® or workforce housing for camps – Lodgewood Enterprises Ltd. transports freight for a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Mining & Logging
  • Bridge Building
  • Fabricating Companies
  • Large Businesses
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Certified, Experienced & Knowledgeable Drivers

A bonded, local and international carrier, Lodgewood Enterprises Ltd offers drivers who deliver your freight safely and on time. Our drivers are H2S and WHMIS certified, capable of hauling hazardous goods locally in Canada or throughout the United States to the Mexican border. And they know the cross-border rules and regulations.

Our Services

Freight Shipping

At Lodgewood Enterprises Ltd we offer freight shipping in Prince George to locations anywhere throughout Canada and the USA. Our equipment is well-maintained and can get the job done. We employ the most experienced, knowledgeable, and reliable drivers, who are H2S and WHMIS certified, so you can be assured your freight will arrive safely.

We have overnight options and direct freight services to anywhere in Canada and the USA. We also have tarping available to cover your goods. As a bonded, local and international carrier, we’ll handle any kind of freight, such as:

  • Utility poles
  • Railway ties
  • Small equipment
  • Crates
  • C-Cans and good

Oversized Hauling and Trucking

Lodgewood Enterprises Ltd is a diversified trucking operation capable of providing the exact specialized transportation your operation needs. We offer trucking services and oversized hauling in Prince George and throughout Canada and the United States. We’ll manage your shipping project from start to finish, and can handle all the permits and logistics involved in hauling your specialized loads. From overlength beams and utility poles to bridges and steel structures, we can transport any manner of unusually cargo.

Our specialized transportation services include:

  • Over dimensional, oversized, overweight and overheight freight
  • Unusual projects/hard-to-move items
  • Complicated transportation/specialized logistics
  • Collaborating with utilities, municipalities and provincial governments on projects
  • High-end commercial operations/transport
  • Industrial, oil field, Logging camps and remote office hauling

Winch Trucks

Does your construction or oilfield operation in northern BC, Alberta or beyond require winch truck services? Lodgewood Enterprises Ltd offers heavy trucks in Prince George, serving industries of all types and can safely move loads of various sizes with the proper equipment and experienced operators. We have the equipment available to handle any job, big or small.

Our expertise allows us to handle many different situations, from transporting hazardous materials to moving heavy machinery of all types. Our winch trucks are commonly used with the following:

  • Rig moves
  • Camp shacks
  • Mobilization & demobilization of full camps
  • Railway derailments
  • Frameless and skid building transport
  • Double-trucking and oversized loads

Heavy Haul

Whenever you need to transport heavy freight from Prince George to anywhere else in Canada or the USA, call Lodgewood Enterprises Ltd. Our drivers are all experienced and reliable, and can handle all the mapping and traffic management involved so your cargo can get to its destination in time. They also have excellent knowledge of provincial and cross-border restrictions and requirements. We’ll handle all the technical permits for you, so there is no need for you to worry.

As a fully bonded local and international shipping company, we transport many overweight and oversized materials with regularity, such as:

  • Steel structures
  • Utility poles
  • Bridges
  • Skid and frameless buildings
  • And more

Low Bed Trucks and Low Boys

Here at Lodgewood Enterprises Ltd, we employ several lowboys in Prince George so we can provide you with a complete hauling service that you can count on to get the job done. For transporting heavy vehicles, you can trust our low bed trailers and our experienced drivers. Whether you’re running an oil field, a mining operation, an industrial fabrication plant, or a construction firm, we can lend our help to you.


Lodgewood Enterprises Ltd can act as a logistics broker in Prince George to assist you in getting your goods to where they need to go. We are a bonded company that can operate locally and internationally, with access to a vast amount of carriers and trailers. If you have a large quantity of goods to ship to multiple locations, we can help sort out the logistics and ensure all your items reach their destination.

We can offer our services to many businesses, including:

  • Mining operations
  • Fabrication plants
  • Oilfield operations
  • Construction firms
  • And many more

Project Management

With large construction projects, it is important that you make sure all elements properly coordinated, organized, and managed. Lodgewood Enterprises Ltd is fully equipped to provide project management services in Prince George, aiding you from concept to design to execution to completion. We are experienced, bonded, and WHMIS certified and are trusted by large businesses, companies, and industries everywhere. Many projects have complex requirements and require professional expertise and knowledge, and we are the experienced and reliable company you should choose to manage your project for you.

We can provide coordination and management services for many different projects, such as:

  • Plant moves
  • Large manufacturing movement
  • Complex transportation projects
  • Moves to multiple locations
  • And more

As one of the most reliable providers of specialized transport in the region, we are trusted by many different companies and firms to get their cargos to their destinations on time. 

Contact Lodgewood

  • 9452 Milwaukee Way
    Prince George, BC V2N 5T3
  • 250-563-5562 | TF: 1-800-665-9452


Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Our office is normally closed Saturday, Sunday & Statutory Holidays, but a Company official is available to take your call 24/7 by calling our office number at 250-563-5562 anytime.